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Language(s) spoken Spanish, English
Real life location Los Angeles, USA

Strictoaster (also known as Strict) is a Spanish YouTuber from Buenos Aires, Argentina who now lives in Los Angeles, California known for playing Simcity 4 and Cities: Skylines.

YouTube channel format

Strict's videos tend to be ~20 minutes long. These videos surround Cities: Skylines, Planet Coaster and GeoGessur; an online game where the user is placed in a random location and must determine where they are in the world.

Style of content

Strictoaster's videos usually start with an intro screen. Then it moves on to cinematics or real-time gameplay where Strict explains what has happened between each video, or what is happening in the Cities: Skylines community. It then moves on to gameplay which is sped up. Strict narrates this by talking about what he is doing in the build. The video then ends with the series's theme song and cinematics.

Personal life

Strictoaster, whose true name is unknown, is originally from Lomas de Zamora near Buenos Aires, Argentina. He currently lives in LA with his wife, and has a full-time job as a designer of some sort. It is on this premise that his channel is built, as he is a "real-life designer playing video games from a design perspective."

Top 5 Videos

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