Procedural Objects

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Procedural Objects

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Last version 1.5.5
Author SimonRyr
Workshop page Procedural Objects
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Source code GitHub repo
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The Procedural Objects mod (shortened PO), created by SimonRyr, is a mod that allows to :

  • Place a prop or a building as a procedural object to edit its geometry individually,
  • Move a procedural object everywhere regardless of terrain collision, rotate it in any direction,
  • Customize these objects, for example : make them appear only at night time, add text to a sign, remove a floor from a building that feels to high, and so on.
  • Create basic shapes with a custom texture chosen or downloaded by the player and deform it to fit the player's needs.

Props and buildings converted to Procedural Objects are called POs, they are said to be POed. Keep in mind that a prop or a building that has already been placed normally can't be POed. It has to be converted before it's placed down.

Procedural Objects also includes two props : a Cube and a Square. Those are not meant to be placed as props but only to be POed in order to apply a texture on them.

Useful notes about the mod:

  • POed objects don't count towards the Prop limit nor any classic limit.
  • Procedural Objects limitation is 2,147,483,647... well above any other limits.
  • POs don't have LODs.
  • POs loose their game functionality, therefore becoming graphic items only.
  • Converting/copying big or complex objects might freeze your PC for a moment or even for a few seconds if you made a big selection.
  • More in the documentation and FAQ parts !


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