Port Aleutia (series)

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Image not found!  This article is about series by Freshpopcorn. For the city itself, see Port Aleutia.
Port Aleutia (series)
Youtube Series

Author Freshpopcorn
YouTube link Port Aleutia (series) Port Aleutia (series)
Launching Date 10-08-2017
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Language English

Port Aleutia is a Cities: Skylines project by Freshpopcorn that focuses on creating an Alaskan style city on an Alaskan-style map. The goal is to produce something unique and original that still feels familiar and fun. Extensive research will be done to implement the most realistic building possible.


Ep. № Episode title Duration Date uploaded Content and notes
1 Map Creation 17:25 October 8th, 2017
2 Custom Hydroelectric Power Plant 39:47 October 18th, 2017
3 Detailing the Lunar Falls Dam 33:17 November 6th, 2017
4 Custom Tollbooth and Dam Lookout 35:55 March 19th, 2018
5 First Town and Industry 74:08 March 23rd, 2018
6 Viridian Gold Mine (Plus Massive Fire!) 34:53 March 26th, 2018
7 Fountainhead 46:36 April 6th, 2018
8 Interchanges and Busy Work 42:43 April 9th, 2018
9 Trans-Aleutia Pipeline System 31:05 April 10th, 2018