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Freshpopcorn (aka. Fresh) is a Cities:Skylines YouTuber. His unoffical fan Discord[1].

Cities:Skylines History

San Minato

San Minato was Freshpopcorn's first Cities: Skylines series on his then-fledgling channel. He quickly became recognized by prominent C:S Youtubers, including Strictoaster and Fluxtrance, and amassed quite a following in the initial months of his channel. It is in this series that he pioneered the segment where he opens Snapchat messages from fans. San Minato took inspiration from many regions of the US. One thing that stood out about the map was the mountainous terrain, and the dexterity with which Freshpopcorn managed to build, detail, and beautify those environments.

Arrowhead Junction

After the success of his launch, he announced that he would be taking a cross-country road trip, both for pleasure and to gain inspiration for future CS projects. As part of the trip, he drove though deserts in the Southwestern US, and met in person with Strictoaster in LA not long after. From there, the idea was born to create a collaboration series build of a desert themed map. After Fluxtrance was brought onto the project, it took off, and became one of the most looked-forward to CS series of the time. Freshpopcorn's role in the series was to release an episode every three weeks, and host a recap podcast episode every 4 months. The release of episodes were very punctual, coming out every Friday for months on end. Then, one fateful Friday, on Freshpopcorn's turn, no episode was released. This was the beginning of his disappearance. The method of his departure was the subject of much controversy for the duration of his leave and the months after his return.

Comeback and Port Aleutia

In early 2017 (?), Freshpopcorn deleted his channel and social media without notice, just with the completion of Arrowhead Junction. Strictoaster and Fluxtrance refused to comment, and many prominent creators spoke out against his sudden disappearance. No information was given, and viewers were largely left in the dark. In late 2017, Freshpopcorn put a Snapchat on his story that consisted of a nearly black screen with the audio of him hinting at some sort of return, sparking more discussion. The created a new channel and reactivated his social media. He posted his first videos on October 8, 2017, explaining and apologizing for his sudden disappearance. He began a new series, named Port Aleutia.

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