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new 'Featured Article' proposal

I think that a new article should be put in place to replace the springwood 'Featured Article' as it has been the 'Featured Article' for a long time now. I also suggest that the 'Featured Article' section be updated once a week or as close to that to show off a number of articles that may be interesting to read. Kiev (talk) 15:10, May 9, 2018 (UTC)

That's a good idea. Also, there should be more articles added to the 'ongoing projects' section, as there are some project pages that have been created, but not listed on the main page.
AmnesiacGuy (talk) 16:43, May 9, 2018 (UTC)
Right, since I made the main page in the first place, let me be the one to answer to this. The page currently consists of several parts, them being:
  • Welcome banner: Mostly decorative, but the word 'welcome' also links to Help:Welcome, newcomers!, which teaches newcomers the essentials of wikitext.
  • Featured article: Since the home page is based on NLWiki, I'll explain this from their point of view. Their Etalage features a different article every day. This is currently unreachable for us, as we do not have the means to automate this, nor have we got close to 365 articles at the time of writing this. This featured article will most likely be changed on the first of each month, hopefully starting as per June or July 1st (though I do not mind changing it for May in retrospect). A featured page will most likely be decided upon through a voting page which has yet to be created.
  • Gallery: For now, these are the five biggest articles (though not specifically), without making too many articles in the same lore (so there will never be 5 Springwood articles). These too will most likely be decided upon through a voting process starting this summer.
  • About: This is a permanent element, though it may be modified as we develop the wiki further and flesh out our terms and guidelines.
  • Ongoing projects: Showing some of the biggest projects as of currently, as well as their creators. Expect these to be modified (Project Rotterdam isn't very active, for example). The ones you see on the main page right now are placeholders I initially put there. They are bound to change every month or every other month. The goal here, by the way, is not to show all ongoing projects. The page would be miles long if we did. We'd like to show a set amount, nine at this time, as to make the page roughly fit a 16:9 and 16:10 display.
  • Workshop news: I initially left this empty, but Simon added this element in once he made my concept the main page. I cannot tell you in detail how the featured workshop entries are decided upon, as I do not know that. I would assume that these rotate as well, possibly based on what is trending on the Workshop at that time.
  • Recently uploaded: At some point, I'd like this one to be automated, changing whenever a video is uploaded by a YouTuber that is associated with the wiki, has more than x amount of subscribers/total views, or meets other requirements. This has yet to have been decided upon.
As for your questions above: We do intend to change the listed articles every now and then. Such a change will be made by us, admins, every month (most likely). I must add to this that nothing is set in stone as of yet, so dates, requirements and nearly everything I wrote above may change in the (near) future. Changing them weekly, as Kiev suggested, is not yet deemed possible, as the requirement I had in mind for that would be more than 7,500 bytes in size per page, which would become weekly once there are more than 250 pages of that size. We currently have 24 pages that are larger than 7,500 bytes. Again, this requirement is a placeholder and may change.
Like I said above, Ongoing projects may not be updated as frequently as the other elements, but will never feature every project, or even more projects. Nine is found to be the perfect balance between length of the page and creating a good coverage of projects. The projects will most likely be those of a select lot of creators, and will most likely link to a series page, such as Springwood (series) rather than Springwood. Again, the page is very much still in development, and I hope to be able to automate it to some extend sometime this summer. I cannot guarantee anything as of now, aside from that this page is on our agenda, and that this will only be placed higher on our agenda as we as a community grow larger. Either way, thank you very much for your feedback. It is much appreciated!
-- Wauteurz (talk) 17:55, May 9, 2018 (UTC)
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